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Water Damage

Water damage in your home or business can be the result of, well, just about anything. From major problems like severe weather and flash flooding, to more pedestrian problems like burst pipes or overflowing tubs, to minor, seemingly insignificant issues such as small leaks or broken seals that no unnoticed until they have had time to inflict serious damage, water will get you one way or another. In fact, 98% of all properties are predicted to have some form of water damage at some point. And hopefully you never have to deal with sewage cleanup.

Water damage is also just chapter one of a much longer book. Chapter two is usually mold, which shows up in the aftermath of the water damage, spreads rapidly, and can prove almost impossible to eliminate. This is the chief reason that you want to make sure the water damage in your home is taken care of quickly and efficiently.

No matter the scope of the problem, the basics of water restoration remain the same. The water will need to be completely removed and all of the wet surfaces dried out. In less severe cases this avoids problems like unsightly stains and smells, while in larger cases it can prevent long term issues such as the mold and more serious damage to the structural integrity of the property.

For these reasons, flood waters should be removed from the property as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Once the water is removed, the affected surfaces can be properly dried, cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. Rapid response is absolutely vital when it comes to any type of water damage restoration project, especially if your goal is to restore the structure to its pre loss condition.

For emergency water damage restoration, the professional service team at San Antonio Water Damage Restoration is available 24/7/365, because we know that problems like this rarely occur during what we would consider regular hours. They are far more likely to cause problems in the middle of the night, or perhaps on weekends in places of business that are closed for a day or two. One call to our office and we can have a service technician on your doorstep within the hour, someone who is trained, certified and experienced in scenarios like this and who can properly size up the problem and begin the water removal procedure.

It is important to be cautious when it comes to hiring any water damage restoration provider, since anyone can put “restoration” on their calling card and claim they are in the business. Hiring the wrong outfit will not solve your water damage problems, and you may very well end up in an even more precarious position. The last things you need are repair bills doubling or even tripling by the time you find someone who can do the job right the first time through.

All of our service personnel are IICRC certified in every area of the restoration industry. We believe in committing the necessary time, energy, and resources to make sure that our team is fully prepared and able to handle any type of water damage problem. We are also a full service provider, and this means that we take care of every aspect of the job from start to finish, no subcontracting various chores to the lowest bidder as so many of our competitors do. You will always know what is happening on and around your property throughout the process, supported by the best in customer service and the industry’s best guarantee.

Since 2000, San Antonio Water Damage Restoration has been recognized as the go to source for all things related to water and flood damage, as well as first rate carpet cleaning and care. Our team of qualified, competent service technicians are ready and available to handle even the largest cases of damage in your home or business as the result of water, flooding or mold, and we bring only the latest in restoration equipment and procedures to bear on your property, removing the water, drying everything out, and returning the property to its pre-loss condition. Of course we guarantee all of our work, which means you and your family will know the problem was addressed and the job performed correctly the first time. Call our San Antonio office today at 1-855-232-3550 for a detailed estimate, and let’s get your restoration project started!

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