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Sewage Cleanup

Water damage in your home or business can be damaging enough, as it is perfectly capable of delivering a devastating blow and leaving behind a mess that can take days or even weeks to completely clean up. This problem is only escalated when the water in question is the result of sewage backup or overflow. Sewage ups the ante by not only getting everything soaked, but doing it with water that is filled with dangerous pathogens, parasites, fungi, bacteria, and other contaminants, any one of which may cause serious discomfort or illness if you manage to get it into your system.

Of course there is also the gross factor (do we really need to tell you where sewage comes from?), and nobody likes the thought of their home or business being overrun by the very material that we take pains to get out of our properties as quickly as possible.

At San Antonio Water Damage Restoration we are available and ready 24/7/365 to make sure that all of your sewage cleanup and restoration needs are promptly and effectively addressed, and this is done through the complete removal of all of the sewage, the thorough drying out of all surfaces and loose pieces that may have been affected, and then all of the necessary cleaning and disinfection of those surfaces to make sure that there are no potential health hazards. Our team of professional service technicians are committed to performing the job right the first time around; because sewage based water damage is nothing to be taken lightly or done halfway. Failure to solve the problem initially will only result in more problems later on.

If there is one good thing about having a sewage spill, it is the fact that you will most certainly know from where it originated. Sewage backup and damage are almost always the result of a malfunctioning toilet or sewage backflow valve assembly. We will thoroughly clean all of the surfaces and items that can be cleaned, and recommend quick and efficient disposal of those items that cannot be salvaged. This is the only way to make sure that the sewage restoration process has been performed successfully. If you are wondering, however, we will go ahead and advise you that in most cases, the easier and more affordable option is to have any items damaged by sewage thrown out and replaced.

When it comes to providing successful sewage cleanup and restoration, the job should always be performed by trained professionals, the service pros at San Antonio Water Damage Restoration. With same day emergency service available in most instances, we can be on location within an hour, ready to begin the restoration process and get things in and around your home back to normal.

After fifteen years in the restoration business, we remain committed to treat each and every restoration job with the same expertise and attention to detail that you would demand for the single biggest investment you will ever make….your home. This means that we have committed the necessary time, energy, and resources to make certain our team is able to handle even the largest and most severe cases of sewage damage. Our technicians have been certified by the IICRC in all areas of the restoration industry, which means that we are able to respond and begin work on the restoration of your home much faster than our competition.

Since 2000, San Antonio Water Damage Restoration has been recognized as the go to source for all things related to water and flood damage, as well as first rate carpet cleaning and care. Our team of qualified, competent service technicians are ready and available to handle even the largest cases of damage in your home or business as the result of water, flooding or mold, and we bring only the latest in restoration equipment and procedures to bear on your property, removing the water, drying everything out, and returning the property to its pre-loss condition. Of course we guarantee all of our work, which means you and your family will know the problem was addressed and the job performed correctly the first time. Call our San Antonio office today at 1-855-232-3550 for a detailed estimate, and let’s get your restoration project started!

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