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A lot of restoration providers trumpet their ability to get rid of water or mold, or turn back fire damage, but fewer are able to name full and complete repair and reconstruction as a part of their stable of services. The goal of any restoration project is to get all the water out and everything put back to the same state of normal it was in before disaster struck. You want the appearance of there never having been a problem in the first place, and proper reconstruction services are a vital step towards that goal.

Water damage can be the result of burst pipes, which are almost always guaranteed to happen behind walls or ceilings. The water released can work its way down through the structure of the home, wreaking all kinds of havoc on the structure of the property, some of which may be major. Water damage, especially flooding, can severely weaken the building’s structural members and make it prone to collapse. Mold growth, left unchecked, can eat away at wooden supports or beams and cause them to rot prematurely.

Flooring that has been damaged by water may warp or crack, and the water left in and under carpeting paves the way for mold and other dangerous toxins to crop up. Water will always flow down to the lowest possible level of the home, and this means that some accumulations of water may go undiscovered without the help of a professional restoration provider who knows what kind of issues may be present.

At San Antonio Water Damage Restoration, we are here to effectively and efficiently evaluate your unique water damage problem and devise a proper course of action for dealing with it. This incorporates not only water removal and extraction, but drying everything out, looking at the damage left behind and working to repair and reconstruct those areas of the property that have been damaged or destroyed. Our customer service department is second to none and our service technicians will provide free estimates with detailed descriptions on all reconstruction needed to repair and negate the damage and restore your property to its former glory.

In many of the more severe cases, areas of a home may have been damaged beyond repair, requiring extensive demolition and reconstruction in order to be made safe for occupation. This reconstruction project for any home or business is a major undertaking, and to that end we are familiar with all of the local building codes and ordinances. This means that your home restoration job will be performed correctly, the first time, allowing you to resume your normal life.

Our service providers have all been educated, trained, and certified in every area of the restoration industry. This means that we as a company have committed the time, energy, and resources to be able to provide you and your family with the best quality home restoration and reconstruction service in the area. You will be kept up to date on exactly what is going to be done, approximately how long it will take, and most importantly, what it will cost. Throw in the industry’s best guarantee and you will know your home or business is in the best possible hands.

Since 2000, San Antonio Water Damage Restoration has been recognized as the go-to source for all things related to water and flood damage, as well as first rate carpet cleaning and care. Our team of qualified, competent service technicians are ready and available to handle even the largest cases of damage in your home or business as the result of water, flooding or mold, and we bring only the latest in restoration equipment and procedures to bear on your property, removing the water, drying everything out, and returning the property to its pre-loss condition. Of course we guarantee all of our work, which means you and your family will know the problem was addressed and the job performed correctly the first time. Call our San Antonio office today at 1-855-232-3550 for a detailed estimate, and let’s get your restoration project started!

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